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by Karen on The Wheatlands Website
20 year resident!
How long have you lived here?: 20 years
Date Submitted: 3/21/19

I have rented at the Wheatlands since 1994 (over 20 years). I love my quiet apartment with a lovely view of trees and a little park, including a walking path. This property is well managed. The manager and the office staff are quick to respond, efficient, and very friendly. The maintenance staff respond to requests in a timely manner and their repairs are excellent.

by New resident on The Wheatlands Website
Love it here!
How long have you lived here?: 4 months
Date Submitted: 2/27/19

We have had the most welcoming experience here at the Wheatlands. Staff is extremely friendly and really care for your needs. They are a quick and efficient with any maintenance necessary. They also strive for community and encourage through hosted events. Our family loves living here.

by Cari Allison on The Wheatlands Website
How long have you lived here?: 3 months
Date Submitted: 04/28/2016 12:03

I live here in The Wheatlands with my school-aged daughter. This is a wonderful place to live, and we have been so happy since we moved in to our new home. Living here, we are now part of a Community. My daughter is enrolled in the finest education we could hope for, and we have made close friends in our residence. Living here, my child has the advantages of living in a single family home. However, it is better because instead of having a usual small back yard; she has an over-sized play ground, which comes with 100 school-aged kids to engage with, and a bicycle path to meet her friends. The grounds are clean, the appliances in the apartment always function, and maintenance has same day service. We have a breakfast bar, a full sized-washer/dryer in our apartment, and all day-long sun light making our home so cheerful and bright. We hope to live here a very long time.

by Laura on The Wheatlands Website
Exceptional Service!
How long have you lived here?: 6 days
Date Submitted: 03/31/2017 05:11

I would like to acknowledge two exceptional staff members of The Wheatlands, and that is Ms, Beth Vlamakis, and the other is Christine (I apologize, I do not have her last name).
I recently was a part of a company relocation move, and was in need of a place to call my 'new home' in a short period of time. The move was taking me approximately 400 miles from home, and I only knew 3 people at the Illinois plant. So my search was based on recommendations, pictures, and reviews. When I narrowed my search down to 3, my colleague offered to go out and visit them. I had not yet been in contact with The Wheatlands, although Beth greeted my colleague on the spot! She took him to the model apt for a tour (which he videoed) and after a few conversations with him, I made The Wheatlands my new home of choice.
Now that does not sound 'exceptional' does it? What made it exceptional was the day of my move, I drove up on Sunday, with traffic, storms, and other delays - my trip was taking longer than expected and I was concerned that I would miss getting there on time. I had contacted Beth, and she said 'No worries' - just drive safe and get there when I could.
Still average customer service, right? Once arrived at The Wheatlands, Beth was out on appointment, and I was greeted by Christine - Christine suggested that I go take a look at the apartment first, since I had not visited the apartment and it was my first time there. There was a small problem with the apartment, and I thought I was locked in, right> NO! Both Beth and Christine jumped in to remedy my concerns and Christine took me to 4 other apartments, which resulted in me finding the perfect 'home' for me!
These 2 ladies are just the forefront to the staff here at The Wheatlands, as everyone that I have met has been exceptional. I do hope that my testimonial helps in making your decision to finding your future home here at The Wheatlands- if so, i do hope that you will share my testimonial with the staff!

by Doris Baittie on The Wheatlands Website
How long have you lived here?: 3 years
Date Submitted: 12/12/2017 07:52

My husband, Bill, and I have lived at The Wheatlands for almost 3 years. Our experience here has been nothing but great. The office staff here are so very helpful and follow through right away when you have a need.
The maintenance crew are outstanding. They get things fixed promptly and are very pleasant to have around. I also believe we have "Angels" living here. I am 82 years old, my husband will be 90 in January and needless to say things are a little difficult for us at times. Last year, and again last night, after a big snow fall, we wake up to find our car is totally cleaned off - no snow or ice on the car at all. They seem to take the expression "Love thy neighbor" to heart here. Even though we do not know some of our neighbors names I am stopped so often to ask how we are doing and how Bill is doing. The thought of ever living any place but The Wheatlands is a very sad thought for us. There is a lot of love and caring here and I would reccomend it to anyone. It is a wonderful place to live. Whatever your holiday is that you celebrate I hope it is joyful for each of you and that everyone has a Happy, Healthy New Year. If you are looking for an apartment, this is the place to be. They know how to care which has been lost in our world of late.

by The Wheatlands on The Wheatlands Website
Love living here!
How long have you lived here?: 2 years
Date Submitted: 02/28/2019 10:41

We have had the most welcoming experience here at the Wheatlands. Staff is extremely friendly and really care for your needs. They are a quick and efficient with any maintenance necessary. They also strive for community and encourage through hosted events. Our family loves living here.

by Leon Major on The Wheatlands Website
How long have you lived here?: 6 month
Date Submitted: 01/27/2017 08:13

Kristen and her staff are wonderful.The management staff knows what they are doing. They are organized supportive and very helpful.It is an absolute pleasure living here. The maintance staff are great .Work orders are done fast and completely. Again I like living here because of the management and maintenance personnel. Also the complex is great!!!

by Penchal on The Wheatlands Website
How long have you lived here?: Over 6 Years
Date Submitted: 12/23/2016 05:51

I would like to express my feelings about the Wheatlands apartments, the service is fantastic and we are so thankful to all of your staff. YOU ARE THE BEST. During my over six years of stay here we rarely had minor issues and they were fixed right away. Manager “Kristen Morgan” was so helpful always and the way of receiving tenants is really good, thank you. We know Beth for a long time, Erica, Lynnea and others thank you so much for your service.
I always recommend my friends to join this place who ever looking rental homes. Thanks again for all your service during my stay. All the best to you guys.. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s.

by Jen & Terry on The Wheatlands Website
Wonderful Service
How long have you lived here?: 5 years
Date Submitted: 11/13/2016 11:54

The service here over the years has been spectacular! We have rarely had problems, but any time anything happened the maintenance people were here right away!
Last night our neighbors (young couple with their adorable little boy) locked themselves out without their phones & thankfully we were home to call The Wheatlands & provide a safe & warm place for them.
Our emergency call was responded to right away, the amazing maintenance man gave us an ETA and was so efficient & professional!
Our neighbors were home & happy in record time! Although it stinks to forget your keys, we're thrilled to make new friends & even more thrilled to know that we have The Wheatlands to rely on! Fantastic service & we are so thankful!

by Manoj on The Wheatlands Website
Management is so sweet
How long have you lived here?: Just joined
Date Submitted: 12/21/2016 07:48

The management is too good and the customer service is at its best.
Beth and her manager were so helpful right from the first day.
Thank you guys keep going. (huhu)